The Working for Growth brief had two main parts, firstly to show the history of Aldridge – from Rod Aldridge’s beginnings struggling in school, working his way up through a company to eventually forming his own. Then the second aim was to show how this single inspiring story could be a lot more young people’s story – if they’re just given the chance.

We designed a whole host of friendly characters for this piece and the overall style had something of a ‘painted’ feel to fit with the grass roots, down to earth nature of what Aldridge does – giving young people the chance that they otherwise may not have got. It was a fairly complex process designing everything in illustrator (and originally on paper), then colouring and applying the brush texture to each character, scene, prop and background in photoshop, then animating in after effects.


Agency Producer
Jane Gerber

Creative Director
Stef Roberts

Jon Hardy

Lead Designer
Stef Roberts

Stef Roberts, Elisa Ciocca

Sound Design
Jon Hardy, James Ward


Eighth Hill & Seven Hills

Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion August 2014