Whilst we can’t say too much about this project because it’s an internal company advert, we like it so much we still want you to see it so we’ve removed all the references to the client (but left in all the good stuff).

‘Skills Profile’ is essentially an internal version of Linkedin, a system designed to help employees develop their career within the organisation.  The client needed a fun and witty short film that they could use to encourage employees to spend time developing their profile.

We worked with the agency to write the script which aimed to present the ‘Skills Profile’ as an amazing opportunity you simply wouldn’t turn down, using the tagline ‘Why Wouldn’t You?’ as it’s key message. We developed a character and then placed them in a series of scenarios where they were presented with an opportunity they couldn’t refuse.


Creative Director
James Ward

Illustration and Animation
Stef Roberts

Lora Galatini, James Ward

Sound Design

Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion March 2013