The Government have been trying to improve the quality of school dinners ever since Jamie Oliver drew attention to the reality of the low quality food most children were being served back in 2005. His work helped to shape a new set of regulations that have seen huge improvements in school food across the country.  The governments challenge to John and Henry from Leon restaurants was to come up with a plan to help schools to continue to deliver better food to more children, whilst making the whole system more economically viable.

Working again with Quite Frankly, we were asked to develop a animation that outlined the key points of the plan as told by John and Henry themselves.

The brief was to take our work on the Business Shaper films as a visual starting point and develop the style to reflect the positive message of the film.  We took the basic elements of the Business Shapers films, evolving the style of illustration, working a new type treatment and developing a brighter colour palette that we felt suited the subject matter perfectly.


Agency Producer
Lies Deneys

Creative Directors
James Ward, Jon Hardy

Lead Designer and Animator
Stef Roberts

Stef Roberts

Stef Roberts, Graeme Maguire, Andreas Niklas

Music and Sound Design

Emma Hughes
Tayla Hughes
Kali Hughes
Carolyn Ellis
Josh Ellis
Stephen Ellis
Dan Ellis
Matt Ellis


Creative Agency
Quite Frankly Productions

Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion August 2013