We normally work on short Christmas films or studio projects to try out new techniques or styles or to show off what we can do as a studio, but this year when we had some free time to work on a studio project for Christmas, we felt an urge to do something more than what we’d normally do – to look at Christmas from an alternative perspective and hopefully put our time and effort to a worthwhile use that would benefit others.

We had the idea to do a short, cel animation film about a child waking up to find it was snowing and the excitement that comes with snow days, but then twisting it to hopefully show a reality for many that is not a positive one.

We animated nearly everything in Photoshop with compositing in After Effects then did the sound design and mixing in the studio also.

If you feel inclined to find out more, or give to one of the charities doing great work in this areas please see the following links:

Medicins Sans Frontieres :


Refugee Action –

Written & Directed by
Jonathan Hardy

Illustrated & Animated by
Elisa Ciocca

Audio Network

Sound Design
Jonathan Hardy

Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion December 2016