Charles Tyrwhitt make shirts. They love shirts. Nick Wheeler, who started the company in the ’80’s wanted to tell us all about how he began and why their heritage, focus on quality, passion for customers and care for their staff are so important to the success of the brand.

Nick is the Founder and Chairman of Charles Tyrwhitt, he’s also an enthusiastic and engaging speaker on his company and shirts in general – so it’s not rocket science to have him front and centre of the film.  However we wanted to do more than just film him talking, we wanted to bring more life and design to the film, so agency Grainger&Wolff developed the idea of interactive graphics that animate around Nick not only to illustrate what he’s talking about, but also to add an extra touch of colour and fun to the film.


Director & Producer

Jon Hardy


Elisa Ciocca

Design & Illustration
Elisa Ciocca & Laurence Ware

Camera & Lighting
Sam Morgan Moore

Jon Hardy


Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion December 2016