ingenie have a very simple aim – to help create safer, better drivers and by doing so offer young people access to more affordable insurance.  They do this by installing a black box in a car which then provides the driver with data which gives them an overall picture of how they drive. This allows them to see where they can improve their driving and offers them discounts on their insurance if they do.

We developed a look and feel for the film that worked within the existing ingenie brand and allowed us to create a fun and engaging piece that clearly outlines how the system works.

We worked closely with ingenie on all aspects of the project from initial ideas, script and art direction through to final delivery.


Creative Directors
Jon Hardy, James Ward

Jon Hardy

Design and Illustration
Stef Roberts

Stef Roberts, Elisa Ciocca

Voice Over
Tyger Drew-Honey


Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion September 2014