We were delighted to get commissioned by the school of life to produce an animation for the section of their course entitled ‘The Miracle of Parenthood’ – not least because we finished the production a few weeks before Jon’s second child was born in March!

Not only is the subject matter interesting and different to our usual work, but we had free reign over what we produced, the look, feel, illustration style as well as the animation – in the whole production we only received one comment from the client – Alain de Botton about the speed of one scene, but aside from that it was total control for us to show fun, humour, gravity, seriousness, absurdity and more – a great mix of everything that goes into parenting.


Director & Producer

Jon Hardy

Design & Animation
Elisa Ciocca

Sound Design
Owen Shirley

Script & Voiceover
Alain De Botton

Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion March 2017