As a bit of an off-shoot for our series of Simplyhealth animation with realityhouse, we were commissioned to produce a separate film for their Insights Hub – an educational portal you with information, advice and more on various aspects of healthcare. For this we departed from the main established style to create something a little more ethereal and ambient – with the feel of knowledge, wisdom and learning in the style of characters and overall art direction – the colours and minimal approach to the frames.

We set the main part of the film literally within the ‘Insights Hub’ inside the computer – for this we created a single shot with a virtual camera that looks around a gentle ‘starfield’ and as it turns to look a new area of research, learning or expertise is seen – just like the Insights Hub.


Director & Producer

Jon Hardy

Design & Animation
Graeme Maguire

Bryan Whitfield

Lucy Brown

Project Manager
Helen Sanders


Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion March 2018