Solverboard call themselves ‘The Worlds Open Innovation Platform’ – they’re like the ideas version of Kickstarter – connecting organisations with people around the world who can help that business solve any challenge they have.

For the launch of the company they wanted to use a broad range of video in their marketing to promote, explain and get people interested in Solverboard.  We created ‘The Solverboard Experience’ as a super simple, slightly abstract step-by-step, to explain what Solverboard is, why it’s good and how you can get involved. Our designs were based on the minimal style and technological feel of the Solverboard branding, using a restricted colour palette and simple shapes to create a really fluid, simple and polished motion graphics piece.


Creative Director & Producer

Jon Hardy

Jon Hardy, Charlie Widdows

Design & Animation
James Ward

Sound Design
Owen Shirley

Becky Whitcroft

Tiny Spark

Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion December 2015