Rhythms is a brand new app that works across multiple devices to connect the user with their local community and the wider world through a series of positive and charitable actions – from helping a neighbour with their shopping, to educating the user about issues on the other side of the world.

We worked with Tearfund designer Huw Tyler to create a cast of cheerful characters and situations that would help tell the story of Simon, a user of the app, as he goes about performing different ‘rhythms’ that help his friends, people he encounters in his day and communities around the world.

Part of our task was to tell Simon’s story by linking all the various devices that Simon uses throughout the day and to create a promo with very few cuts as it showed how the app integrated with all aspects of Simon’s life. This required a slightly complex animation workflow as we zoomed through computer screens into street scenes and through phones into other parts of the world.


Creative Directors
Jon Hardy, James Ward

Lead Designer
Huw Tyler

Design and Illustration
Mark Warman

Stef Roberts


Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion October 2012