Working with our friends at Reality House we were asked to help develop an animation for the law firm Leigh Day to explain a bit about the history of the company and some current cases whilst intertwining those stories with their ethos and aims.

Leigh Day wanted something that visually and sonically represented them – informal, passionate and down to earth.  We bought two main things to the project that exemplified those values – firstly we got into a recording studio and interviewed Martyn Day, the co-founder of Leigh Day, to get relaxed, unscripted answers about his story, the firm and why they do what they do.  When edited down, this created a down-to-earth voiceover track – quite different to the polished voiceovers we’re used to.  The second thing we did was to create a visual style which had a welcoming and warm look to it, less sharp angles and vector graphics that we’re used to – more soft edges, paint style brushes and soft boiling textures which work well with the relaxed voiceover style.


Agency Producer
Holly Baynton

Creative Director
Ant Mullinder

Animation Director & Producer
Jon Hardy

Design & Illustration
Elisa Ciocca

Elisa Ciocca, Graeme Maguire

Sound Design
Owen Shirley

Character Stand-ins
James Tyler-Ward
Ezra Tyler-Ward
Jon Hardy
Lux Hunter
Elisa Ciocca

Leigh Day

Reality House

Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion November 2015