Blink Productions bought us in once again to help create a film to showcase the key features of the unique mortgage product for an online audience.

We spent a good amount of time on concept work and experimentation, working on a variety of styles starting with simple two-tone infographics all the way to where we ended up – a live action piece with graphics and text 3D tracked into the scene.

After a detailed preproduction of lots of designs, animatics and storyboards, Jon supervised the shoot with DoP Patrick Rowe of Lightshop Films on an unsually (for the time of year) bright day in London.

An intensive post production period saw us reworking the designs, before animating, compositing and tracking the elements into the live-action footage. The film was then graded with a clean black and white, high contrast look to match the clean, sharp monochrome Investec branding.


Agency Producer
John Bradbury

Creative Director
Jon Hardy

James Ward

Animation and Motion-tracking
Stef Roberts

Jon Hardy

Stef Roberts

Patrick Rowe

Investec Specialist Bank


Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion September 2012