We worked on a series of four explainer animations for Simplyhealth to take customers through their various specific health plan areas and explain how to use access them through a workplace membership and take advantage of loads of great extras you receive when you sign up to a plan.

Our starting point for the style was the series of Simplyhealth icons which were in a broken line style. We explored characters, scenery, props and movement with this line style and looked at how the broken line would animate, draw on and especially work with characters and body shapes.

We worked on the four films in sequence and whilst finishing one film started creating various versions for different audiences – internal staff, HR managers and more.


Director & Producer

Jon Hardy

Design & Animation
Elisa Ciocca
Graeme Maguire
Jon Hardy

Glen Allen

Bryan Whitfield

Project Manager
Helen Sanders


Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion October 2017 РMarch 2018