LifeBook is a personal autobiography service, helping people write their own autobiographies to share their stories with generations to come. After working with Grainger & Wolff on a new print ad campaign based around a family tree. The graphic style of the text and family tree really lent itself to animation – so Grainger & Wolff, who we’ve worked with for many years now, got us on board the project to bring it to life.

We produced 3x 60 second adverts and a 10 second version for a variety of Sky Channels which started airing in May 2020. As well as animating the family trees unfolding, we also had to produce an interesting shoot for the end sequence of the book, which due to the Covid-19 lockdown meant we had to forgo a studio shoot and crew an instead rigged a home studio together to create the shots.



Direction & Animation
Jon Hardy

Sound Design
Owen Shirley
Michael Conn

Richard Crowest

Filming & Edit
Jon Hardy

Grainger & Wolff


Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion April 2020