After two years and twelve films, Mishcon de Reya wanted to change the style of the Business Shapers animations. We produced a few different treatments that explored different styles and techniques, before settling on a route that really brought something new to the films. Our idea was to move away the from the existing method of telling each story thorugh a series individual and often unconnected visual ideas and instead use a large canvas to show each narrator’s ‘journey’ in a single camera move.

Alongside this we adopted a much more hand-drawn illustration style to compliment the new visual and narrative context.  To keep things vibrant we also introduced a looping element to a lot of the artwork. Individual assets were designed so that once they animate onto the canvas, that animation could loop throughout the course of the film – adding another layer of visual interest.  Throughout each film we wove together all the different aspects of the narrator’s journey filling the canvas in the process, before pulling out at the end to reveal a complete ‘portrait’ of their story.


Agency Producer
Lora Galatini

Creative Directors
James Ward, Jon Hardy

Mark Warman

Elisa Ciocca, Matt Howard

Music and Sound Design

Mishcon de Reya

Quite Frankly Productions

Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Words from Jazz Shapers, courtesy of Mishcon de Reya and Jazz FM

Project Completion Dec 2014