Human Rights Law Firm, Leigh Day are always on the lookout for more ways to promote Human Rights and various areas of specific rights as well as support groups, charities, activists and other people working in the field. In late 2017 they decided to start a podcast with each episode focussing on a different area where the law and rights meet.

Scubaboy Inc was bought in very early in the concept conversations to input into the format of the podcast, content and guests, the structure of episodes as well as to consider a release plan and content to promote the podcast to a wide audience.

In March 2018 we filmed a non-broadcast pilot to test some technical aspects as well as a dry run for both our presenter – David Neita (known as the poetry lawyer) as well as to see how the conversation flowed, how much structure we needed to put in place and how we injected the right level of detail and technicality of the law without making it a dry lecture. Then in May and June we recorded for 2 days with a variety of great guests covering Disability Rights around healthcare, Consumer Rights and fire safety, road traffic accidents and justice, LGBT+ rights, Civil Rights and Windrush and Human Rights in regards to Torture.

Working with Reality House we had input to the creative process all the way through the production and provided all the technical requirements for sound recording, podcast equipment, post production and filming. We also created a series of live action and audio/animated trailers focussing on really key elements from the podcasts to show the insight, experience and content of the podcast.


Trailer Director/Producer
Jon Hardy

Joshua Gaunt, Jon Hardy

Jon Hardy

David Nieta

Podcast Recording
Jon Hardy

Podcast Mixing
Owen Shirley

Reality House

Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion August 2018