This project was a very different proposition to the usual animation – creating films for a 20 metre wide LED sculpture (constructed from MiSTRIPs) that formed the central part of the stage design. We had to create a 2D map of the structure that we could use to design all the visuals for, along with content for the standard HD screen that was positioned in the middle of the sculpture.

The LED sculpture and the main screen were both running on a Catalyst media server which meant we were to design content that flowed between both outputs.  It was a challenging project to work on that required us to tackle both the technical challenge of understanding such a unique delivery method as well as developing stylistic stage visuals and commercial motion design that made the most of the sculpture, but with our background in tour visuals for bands we were familiar with a lot of the workflows and technology as well as having the experience to make great work that made the best of the unique set up.

In total we created 5 individual films (spanning the sculpture and the main screen), with each piece containing a mix of existing videos and photos which we edited, modified, composited and as well as a large chunk of brand new, specifically designed motion-graphics.

James went along to the show in the NEC to supervise the tech rehearsals and make sure the transition from our suites to the Catalyst media server went as planned, and the final films were mastered on-site just hours before the show went live.


Agency Producer
Graham Lehr

Creative Directors
James Ward, Jon Hardy

Lead Designer and Animator
James Ward

Ciaran O’Connor, James Ward


Jack Morton Worldwide

Production Company
Scubaboy Inc

Project Completion Nov 2011