We’re a small animation studio based in Bristol in South West England. We started in 2010 and since then have made loads of different types of projects ranging from 2D animated corporate films to stop motion charity projects, abstract motion art pieces to animated TV commercials and more! The work we do is wide ranging in style and technique for each new project – keeping the ideas fresh and the work interesting.

We’re a small team and we like it that way to keep things personal and collaborative – we care about the type of projects we work on – especially when it comes to creativity, ideas, design, quality and originality. We try to push these values with each project, but also produce our own work regularly to try out ideas and techniques in new creative grounds.

We’re adaptable for most project requirements, sometimes we’re just commissioned to create some animation inserts for a live action video, but at the other end of the scale we’re often bought in early on to work alongside clients on scripts, initial designs and take care of the whole production from a vague idea to a fully realised project. We also have a background in live action commercial work and films, so whilst we rarely take on full live-action projects (although it’s not out the question) we can often take care of live action elements in wider animation projects.

If you want to talk to us about a new project or just some ideas that you’ve had that you need advice on, please get in touch.

The Team

Jonathan Hardy
Producer / Director

Jon started Scubaboy inc in 2010 with long time collaborator James. With a distant background in corporate work (editing and sound recording), but also in the film industry where he worked on many shorts and features as a sound recordist whilst writing, producing and directing his own films. He started working alongside James on music videos and visuals which led to the formation of a Scubaboy inc.

Jon directs and produces most of the projects that Scubaboy Inc undertake, overseeing the work in the studio by our team and our regular freelancers we engage on larger projects.

Elisa Ciocca
Motion Designer

Elisa started working at Scubaboy Inc in 2014, bringing with her a wide-ranging skill-set as an animator and illustrator. Previously as a freelance animator, Elisa worked at some of the best known studios in the UK on a variety of projects including music videos, commercials and short films as an animator, illustrator and compositor.

Elisa is the lead animator on a lot of the work we produce where she brings her skills as an illustrator and hand drawn animator into the mix to add a new dimension to the work we produce.


As a studio we spend a lot of time developing ideas, concepts and tests that for various reasons, never see the light of day. Rather than leave them hidden away, we try and share as much of this work as possible on our tumblr site, along with some of the personal projects that we all work on when time allows. You can also check out our Instagram feed for a little insight into life in the studio.